Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on Bailey's Vet Visit

Bailey: So, I was happily snoozing away on the bed in a nice big sunny spot, when Mom picked me up. That is NEVER a good sign. Mom knows I don't like to be held, and the only time she does this it's not a good thing! I was right, she put me in "the crate", then the car, and took me to the V..E..T.

Tatiana: Ha ha, I didn't have to go!

The Dog: why are you in there, why are you in there, huh? huh?

Bailey: So, fine. We get to the V..E..T, and we go into a small room right away. I can hear Mom telling the V..E..T about my fat lower lip, although the swelling has already gone down. He asked who bopped me in the mouth, and they were LAUGHING. HEY HEY!! This is not the time for jokes, humans! Get me outta here! Then, I got plopped onto a table. Hey, there's a window, cool....Hey, wait, what are you doing to me? Don' Catpals, I squirmed and wailed and meowed and howled...

Tatiana: Hold on a second. I've been to the V..E..T with you before, and that is not how you ever behave. Admit it.

Bailey: Sigh...fine...I purred and headbutted...please don't be ashamed of me.

Tatiana: PShht, what kind of cat are you?

Bailey: The same as you, Tatiana - you behave at the V..E..T, too!

Tatiana: Busted...grumble, grumble.

Bailey: Can I finish now?

Tatiana: Whatever.

Bailey: After the poking and prodding, the V..E..T left the room for a few minutes. They let me look around the room which was pretty neat . Nice window, checked out the exam table, went under the chair, headbutted Mom and made her pet me and fuss over me. When the V..E..T came back he said I had Eosinophilic Plaques, which is basically a sore, most likely caused by an allergic reaction. He said it is likely to re-occur, and if the swelling lasts several days to come back in, and he would give me a cortisone shot. SHOT???? I don't like the sound of that! Mom is currently in research mode, but if any of you cats out there have experienced this, we'd love to hear from you!

Tatiana: Is it contagious? I don't want your icky stuff, ya know. At least give it to The Dog.

Bailey: Nope, not contagious. After all of that, Mom brought me home and told me what a good girl I was. Then she gave me CHICKEN - meowza!!! I gave her more headbutts then took off to catch up on my naptime.

The Dog: Where ya been? Where'd ya go? Huh? Huh? Oh, a cookie, thanks!

Bailey: My cat brag of the day is that I now weigh 12 lbs. After about 4 years of "dieting", I've dropped 8 lbs - Mom is so proud of me!!


  1. WOW - congratulations on your weight loss. My ooomans have me on a diet too. Eight pounds is a lot.

  2. Cortizone shots work like magic BUT: the downside is you don't want them often unless it's a must. The One Who Came Before had to have them every 6 weeks as she had a horrible allergy and itched unmercifully without them.

  3. Our V..E..T said to only come in if it happens again and doesn't go away after a few days. He's nice!

  4. MOWZERS Bailey! That's very impressive!! That you lost the weight not that you gotted some allergic thingy. Make sure it doesn't come back so's you don't get that SHOT!