Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome Back.

Mom and Dad just got back from what they call "vacation". We call it abandonment. Well, ok, to be fair, Grandmaw and Grandpaw stayed with us and we always love that! We get spoiled and Bailey is happy 'cause we actually get fed ON TIME. Anyways, Mom took a few pics when she got home and we decided to share.
Too tired to even use the scratch post!
Nice of you to come back.


  1. Do you make your oomans pay for leaving you behind with gma and gpa? I sure would. I'd ignore the oomans for a good two days at least.

  2. We try to make them pay for it, but Bailey gives in cuz she gets food, and I give in cuz I love them.....

  3. No...No...Tatiana, needs to learn the Fine Art of Barfing to show your displeasure! Reeeally!!