Monday, April 9, 2012

This week it's Bailey's Birthday!

Tatiana: It's Bailey's birthday this week. I asked Mom what she was going to give her, and Mom said she has no idea. So, I said I would ask all my cat pals for suggestions!! Bailey isn't into treats, and doesn't play much, but she still likes to race around the kitchen with her toys now and then.

Also, Bailey has a (gasp!) vet visit on Wednesday. She has a fat lower lip, and Mom wants to get it checked out. Bailey or I will post afterwards to keep you all updated.


  1. How about a special meal or some catnip? I would like those on my birthday!

  2. Good thinking, Sebastian! Bailey LOVES her food! Mom bought some canned chicken, so I have a feeling that's what she will be getting.

  3. FaRADaY: WAND Toys!!!!! WAND Toys!!!!

    Maxwell: uh, we rilly do like Da Bird...

    Allie: oooh! The new Silvervine pillow at Nip & Bones! I hear it's the New catnip!

  4. Tatiana: Bailey doesn't respond to catnip, she's kinda weird that way. We have Da Bird and also Neko Flies, but I mostly play with them. Bailey is lazzzzyyyyy.... She is so hard to buy for!