Thursday, March 22, 2012


As you all know, Tatiana is a Tortie. Her coloring is a mix of brown, grey & peach. She has beautiful green eyes. Does she have what is called "Tortitude"?

The definition from Wikipedia: Among cat owners there is considerable talk about tortoiseshell cats having a personality set apart from other colorations. This is referred to as "tortitude". Tortoiseshell cats are said to be strong-willed, fiercely independent, hot-tempered and very possessive of their owners. They are also said to be more vocal and likely to hiss, meow loudly or purr strongly to make their needs known. Calico cats are also said to have these traits but to a lesser extent.

Tatiana is a pretty sweet & sociable cat. Mom doesn't think she has as much tortitude as some other Tortis she has met. But, Tatiana can be stubborn, and is definitely possessive of her owners. She really doesn't like that there are other furkids in the family to take the attention away from her. She tolerates it though, at least!

Tortitude can be viewed as a negative purrsonality trait, while others love it! Some owners like a good challenge or even consider it as the cat having a lot of character. That's how Mom sees Tatiana, plenty of character. And, yes, Tatiana does talk, chirp, grumble, trill & squawk. And, she is a purr machine and loves to make biscuits (kneading with her paws).

Whether Tatiana has tortitude or not, we love her!!!


  1. We think tortitude is pawesome! But we wanna know what Allie's problem would be called: Tuxitude?

  2. Ryker, our guess is that if you asked Allie what her problem was, that her answer would be her brothers. Tee hee!

  3. Allie: You are SOOOOOOO right on that one! I wonder, can you foster out bratty brothers - you know, to give a girl some peace & quiet? Oops, here comes Mother...*turns of monitor*