Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mom, Stop Screaming

Mom came home today and when she opened the door, the dog and Tatiana were there to greet her. Mom said "Where's Bailey?". You see, I am always by the door when Mom comes home. Always. ALWAYS.

Mom walked down the hall, calling for me, but did not find me. "Bailey, where are you? Where's my Bailey Girl?". Mom was getting a little worried. I am always at the door. ALWAYS. Mom told the dog to find me. He did nothing.

Then. Mom walked into the kitchen. There I was, lying down, looking up her. Looking smug. Mom said "Bailey, are you ok? What's wrong?". Then. Mom looked beside me and saw it. She thought it was one of our many toys. The ears looked rounder than she remembered though. Then, she noticed the tail. Mom said she pretty much froze in her spot, realizing I had caught a mouse.

YUP, I caught a mouse! Mom started screaming and ran out of the house. She really did, I'm not kidding. The dog looked very confused. Tatiana went to look for her, and saw her texting Dad, telling him about the mouse and "TO GET HOME NOW."

Mom did come back inside. She kept screaming if Tatiana or I went near the mouse. Why was she screaming?? I did a good thing!

Dad finally came home, got a box, and took the mouse away. Why did he do that? That was my trophy to show off to everyone. I looked around for it afterwards, but it was gone.

Hey, maybe I"ll find another one!

(You better, NOT, Bailey!!!).


  1. WHAT? Next time just eat the head off before she gets home. That'll REALLY make her scream!

  2. FaRADaY: oooooh HIGHPAW! We gives your catch two paws up - WAAAY up!

    Allie: *intrigued look* so did you eat any of it???