Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Dunnit?

We are all in trouble.  Even the dog.  Mom bought a cute fluffy toy for us cats, and we love it!!  We carry it around, bat at it, chase it, it's great.  Mom got ready for work this morning, came out to the livingroom and saw that the fuzzy part of the toy was completely gone!!  She was not happy, let me tell you!

First suspect was the dog.  He was sitting in the livingroom, licking his lips.  Mom tried to pry open his mouth but no luck.  Mom told us she was sorry that the dog ruined our toy, and then had to leave.

When Mom came home, she noticed that Bailey, had some furry yellow stuff on her tongue. Hmmmm...suspicious to say the least.  However, Bailey may have found some remnants of the toy, and since she likes stringy type stuff, might have just chewed on the leftovers.

So, Tatiana should be in the clear, right?  NO.  Tatiana is the mastermind of this furry family, and Mom knows it.  So, until some "evidence" appears, either in the yard or in the litterbox, we are all #1 suspects!


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