Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FIV + cats need forever homes, too.

Nosetaps and purrs to all of you!  Our apologies for Mom's laziness lately, we are not amused.  So...today, we want to post about 3 PAWSOME and COOL cats at Wayside Waifs, that need a special home.  That way, you can learn about them now, and then go to Wayside tomorrow to adopt them!! Be sure to watch their videos, too!

Puma, Wyatt & Lancelot, are all FIV +.  I know that sounds really scary, but please read this excerpt about FIV which is posted on each cat's page on Wayside's website. - Tatiana & Bailey

The only thing negative about me is that I'm FIV positive. Hey, don't be a scaredy cat. Read on. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, similar to HIV in people, is described by our vets as an active viral infection resulting in an increased susceptibility to secondary infections. Positive cats like me can live long healthy lives as long as any secondary infections are treated properly.

The FIV virus is normally spread through direct contact between cats through deep bite wounds, not through normal contact of sharing food or water dishes, for example. I can't pass it to you humans or to a dog. Cats who test positive can develop neutralizing antibodies and clear the infection, so I should be retested about 3 months after the initial test that confirmed my FIV positive diagnosis.

However, due to the contagious nature of the disease, for the safety of other cats, if you already have a healthy cat, you should not adopt me, but I can join your family if your other cat is also FIV positive. If you would like a cat and have none, I'd be a super sweet and special friend, so come meet me today!




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