Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clicker Training for Cats??

Uh oh...Mom's been looking at cat training videos today.  What do you thinks that means??  She is convinced cats CAN be trained.  Humph!!  We wills have to work extra hard to prove her wrong!  Cat power!!! And, what on earth is a clicker??  I hope it's some kind of treat at least.  Maybe she said cricket, that would be a tasty nom nom.  Crunchy.  Yeah...we like crunchy. 

Any of you cats out there, are you trained??  We don't even know what that means!  Oh wait. The dog said being trained is being told what to do.  Wha?????  We don'ts like that!!  We do things our own way, meow. 

Mom just came by and saw what we waz typing.  Said she is gonna try to train Tatiana to stop smacking us at mealtime.  That might be kinda nice.  Oh wait, now she says she is gonna train Bailey to not wail at mealtime.  Geez, she is gonna take all our fun away!

By the way, Bailey is feeling much better now!  Yay!

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