Friday, February 4, 2011

Busy Day So Far!

It's good to be a cat, I tell ya!  Our days are just sooooo fun-filled, it's ridiculous.  This morning we mades sure we woke Mom up bright and early.  What business does she have sleeping in her bed while we wants breakfast.  If we could get it ourselves, we would.  Hey!  I wonder if she would consider just leaving our food out for us?  Nah....She used to do that, then Bailey gained weight.  Way to go Bailey!!!   The dog would just eat it anyway and that would makes us mad! 

Finally, Mom got up, but boy, she takes her time in getting to the kitchen.  We just follow her around, get in her way, try to trip her, block her.  She keeps telling us if we would get out of her way, we would be fed faster, but we don't believe her. 

It's still early in the day, but we've already eaten (finally!), ran around the house annoying the dog and each other.  Took a few cat naps, spent time on the lookout for yummy birds (we are indoor kitties).  Now it's snoozville again until lunch time.  Yeah...we get 4 small meals a day.  3 more hours to go!!!

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