Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Wuv Our Catmas Gifts!!!

We love cat wand toys, especially Tatiana.  We aren't very picky about it either, we will chase just about anything.  Santa Paws really delivered this year with the goods, though!  We got the Neko Flies Holiday Gift Pack.  OH MY CAT, WE LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!  Both of us take turns playing, and Bailey usually plays on her own, that's how much she loves it.  Tatiana turns into pure evil huntress mode!  As you will see in the video and photos, Tatiana catches it, chomps down on it and game over, she ain't given it back!  Definitely one of THE best toys EVER! 

This is how Neko Flies describe themselves on their website:

Ever wonder what cats dream of?

Creepy, crawly bugs, flying insects, furry rodents…eww, everything we dislike and fear! We like cute, cuddly, high tech, you get the picture. Award winning neko flies are designed to appeal to cats natural hunting instincts with realistic looks and movements of the critters that cats dream of inspiring them to run, stalk, chase, swat, jump, pounce…inspiring them to be more active…with you. See all products.
An active cat is a healthy cat. Inspire your cat to be more active...get neko flies. It's swat cats love!

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