Monday, January 2, 2012

Watch the Premiere of My Cat From Hell!

Ok, first of all...WE are not cats from hell.  And secondly...well, there is no secondly I guess...humph.

Anyways, dear kitty pals, if you want to train your human into thinking they can learn how to change YOUR behavior, tell them to watch this show.  And, then sit back, curl up on their lap and let them think they are actually changing you, when in fact, we all know, we are changing THEM.  Purrr.......

The show starts on January 7th!!!/events/301266759909294/

Seriously, though, if you cool cats are having any issues that need to be improved upon, get your human to watch, it's a very cool, educational show!  Don't let the big guy scare ya, he loves us kitties!!!

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