Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can't Adopt a Cat? Here is What Else You Can Do to Help!

Both of us were adopted by Mom and Dad, so they have a soft spot for animals needing forever homes.  As much as Mom would love to add another furry family member to the home, she knows we do not agree with this!  Dad would like another one too, but won't admit it ;) 

So...this howliday season, if your family is like ours and just can not adopt for one reason or the other, here are some other ways to help your local animal shelter find forever homes for the animals they have rescued.

ADOPT-A-CAT SCRATCHERS - buy 1 case of 20 cardboard scratchers for only $25, and Imperial Cat will send the box to the animal shelter you choose!  Meowza!  Now, that is a great deal!  Mom works for Wayside Waifs, and some volunteers have already donated some of these scratchers.  The cats give them 4 paws up!!!

FELIWAY SPRAY OR DIFFUSERS - shelters use this product to help keep the cats calmer.  The spray can be used on their blanket or in their kennel, and the diffusers are great for larger rooms. usually has some really good deals.

BLANKETS & TOWELS - shelters can never have enough of these! 

TOYS - safety and fun are what it's all about.  Nothing small enough for a cat to swallow, so no bells and also, nothing string-like.  Cat wand toys are wonderful for the human and cat to play together. 

STAINLESS STEEL BOWLS - they are much healthier than plastic, but shelters won't turn down any bowls given!

TREATS - cats always love some yummy treats!

MAKE A MONETARY DONATION - the shelter can use these donations for whatever is needed most at the time.

CRATES/CARRIERS - for cats, ones that open from the front and the top are purrfect, but any crate or carrier is appreciated.

VOLUNTEER -  Cats love visitors and to be spoiled and played with. What are you waiting for?  It's a very rewarding experience!

Check out your local animal shelter's website to see what is on their wish list, or give them a call!


  1. What great tips! There are so many ways to help shelter pets!

  2. Faraday & I give this post two paws up - WAY up!