Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!

Yeah, we cats are the coolest, and we run the house! The dog in our house knows it, too! Well, ok, he scares Bailey a little bit, but she's the baby of the family. Tatiana, on the other hand is QUEEN in our home. She only has a couple of rules:

Rule #1 - no running in the house! (if you run, Tatiana will chase us down and smack us).

rule #2 - no excitement during mealtimes (again, more smacking; more for the dog though!).

Tatiana and the dog (the humans call him Sushi) grew up together, but Tatiana was in our home first and let Sushi know it the day he arrived. He cowered in his crate. By the end of day 2, he had enough and came charging out at her. They have been friends every since.

Now, don't get this silly idea that Tatiana and the dog cozy up to each other. Uh uh, that does not happen. But, they do play together. In fact, the dog mimics how Tatiana plays (weirdo dog). is a little video showing Tatiana beating up on ....uh...we mean...playing with the dog.

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