Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Cats Are Better Than One!

Way to go, MOM, for missing Wayside Waifs Wednesday!  Sheesh, she has no excuse, so now we are trying to make up for her laziness/forgetfulness.  We know Mom loves all the kitties at Wayside though, so I guess we'll let it slide THIS TIME. 

So, we are going to feature 2 pairs of cats that need to go home together!  Did you know having 2 cats is better than one?  Yes, it is true!! Even though we tolerate each other, we play together and once in awhile can be spotted curled up together.  We keeps each other company!   And, we torment the dog too, bwa hahahaha.

Our first dynamic duo is Mini Mouse & Velvet.  Velvet is the black cat, and Mini Mouse is the Torti.  These 2 are littermates and are very bonded to one another.  They get along fine with other laid back cats, as these 2 can be quite shy at first.  But, they are very friendly and love to get attention.  They have been waiting to go home for a very long time.  To learn more about them, please click on their photo.


Little Grey & Sparky came from the same home.  They are having a hard time adjusting to being in a shelter environment and are still quite shy.  Sparky is a little more outgoing.  Grey prefers a quiet area, and would prefer you to speak quietly to her as well.  They are both gorgeous cats, and would be so much happier in a home with a loving family.  To learn more about them, please click on their photo.



  1. Mini Mouse and Velvet were adopted today, woohoo!!!!

  2. Sparky and Little Grey were adopted this week!!!