Friday, January 21, 2011

Introducing....Tatiana & Bailey!!

Hi to all the cool kitties reading our blog!  We hope you enjoy visiting us, and we promise to try to post as often as we can (when Mom lets us!).  We were getting pretty miffed that the dog in the home had been getting all the attention, so it's about time we got some, too!

Tatiana is a Dilute Tortoiseshell, who was born on June 22, 2003, so she will be 8 yrs old this year. She is the queen in our home. Her #1 rule to be followed is no running in the house! #2 is not to get excited at mealtimes.  If our dog & Bailey do not follow these rules, they get smacked by her royal catness.  Tatiana is a very sweet girl though, a terrific lap cat, and loves for her owners to play with her.  She also loves strawberry milk, potato chips, and cheese.  Tatiana was adopted from the Ontario Humane Society, and was 1 of 4 Tortis in a litter.  Apparently, that is quite rare, so we have been told.   One of Tatiana's nicknames is Chatty Tatty.  For obvious reasons.  She grumbles, she trills, she meows, she squawks.  She always has something to say! 

Bailey is a black Domestic Short Hair, who was born in April of 2004, so she will be 7 yrs old this year.  She and her siblings were born in a barn, and were rescued by Organization for the Rescue of Animals (O.R.A.).  We adopted her when she was about 6 months old.  Bailey has a bent tail, as did her 2 brothers.  Bailey has no rules, but demands to be fed on time, no matter what!  Bailey has had to diet, and has been successful, so she hopes to help other kitties find their ideal weight.  Because Bailey used to cry like a baby when we first got her, we dubbed her Wailey Bailey.  Surprizingly, Bailey does not like most treats!


  1. Hello girls. I need some help. My cat Cassie likes to yowl at the top of her lungs for no reason. She can be sitting beside you or down stairs. The only time she does not yowl is at night. Any suggestions on how to curb this yowling??

    PS: Love the blog, and the pictures of you guys are super cute!

  2. Cassie, so happy your owner is enjoying the site. I hope s/he allows you to look on here, too ;) Cats often howl for attention, or they are in heat. Do you get enough attention? Enough playtime, enough cuddles & kisses? If not, howl LOUDER! If you are in heat, well...your owner may have to make a special little visit for you to see your vet... Do you have other cats? Do they get along? Have you always done this? We think you just would like more attention ;)

    Tatiana & Bailey