Saturday, August 17, 2013

Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Today, all day, is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Bailey:  Weeeeeeeee!!!  A whole day of appreciating MEEEEEEEE!!!
Tatiana:  Hey, hold on a minute.  I'm a black cat, too.
Bailey:  No you're not.  You're a Torti. 
Tatiana:  That's true, but according to Allie, Faraday and Maxwell from A Tonk's Tail, I'm a black cat, too.  And, they are super smart, so they know what they are talking about, humph!
Bailey:  Maybe...but it's still a day of appreciating MEEEEEE!!!!!!
Tatiana:  *Sigh*  There will be no living with her now....
Bailey:  Weeeeee!!!!!!  Meeeeee!!!!!!
Tatiana:  If you want to know what all the celebration is about, check out this pawsome Blog post from our furpals at A Tonk's Tail.
Bailey:  Meeeeeee!!!!!!! 

Lori: Hey, don't forget about me, I'm a black cat, too!  I'm just living here temporarily (foster) until my forever family adopts me! 

The Dog:  ADOPT A BLACK CAT TODAY TO SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION!!!!!!! (we have 2 you could have...)

The Dog:  Ouch!  Tatiana, stop smacking me!  Ok, Ok, if you want to adopt a black cat, go to Wayside Waifs, or your nearest local animal shelter. 


  1. Zowie - you have gorgeous eyes to match your gorgeous furs. M thinks kitties that are black or some combination of black are the best. She's had me and one other all black kitty and she says we were the best!!

  2. awww, guys - THANKS for the meow out! You can see whatta slacker our mommy is (neck injury yada yada HMPF), but we FINALLY made her come over & visit. You's looking MIGHTY FINE Bailey, even if you do hasta share your speshul day. Our mommy went over and made speshul videos of all the black adult kitties she could find, and we had to PUT OUR PAW DOWN when she saw Spider. Holy Cat! She's adorable, but we don't think Allie would appreciate a sister! MOL!