Thursday, December 6, 2012

Do We Have a Star in the Making?

Mom has been fostering Evelyn since September.  We keep hearing how intelligent and talented she is.  Apparently, she can learn things quickly, especially when a treat is involved.  Heck, we'll stand on our heads for the right treat! 

So far, Evelyn has learned how to walk through a hoop, run through a "tunnel" (box), walk across a board raised above the ground, jump in the air on command, go to her food mat on command, can say the word "mat", she walks through agility weave poles (and chews on them occasionally as well), she knows to jump up onto something or jump down if asked to.  Oh, and did we mention, she knows how to use the treadmill? 

So, we got to thinking.  What does it take to be a star, and does Evelyn have it?  Well, let's see.  She can be temperamental.  She must be properly rewarded (Friskies Crispies treats will do).  She has her own personal staff (aka Mom).  She has her own private room to prepare for performances.  She has demands as to what she needs in her private room - cat fountain, fresh food, variety of toys, comfy ledge to look out the window, and a heated bed.  On set, she needs her cat expert handler to keep her focused.  After 3 takes, she gets it right, and is done for the day.  She loves applause.

Does Evelyn have the personality to handle celebrity-ism?  Again, she can be temperamental, but she knows when to seek out the "press" and when to walk away.  She gets overstimulated at times, and needs her space during those times.  She likes to pose for photos, and demands attention, especially when it isn't being focused on her.

Does she have the look?  What do you think?

What about Evelyn's love life?  To our knowledge, Evelyn did have a tumultuous affair with a handsome cat named Mr. Kitty.  Alas, it was not to be, and was short lived when Mr. Kitty started to boss her around.  Evelyn has been enjoying the single life since then, and prefers to be the center of attention anywhere she goes.

So, what do you think?  Does Evelyn have Star-quality?  Know anyone that migh want a gorgeous, spirited Calico in an ad or commercial?  Someone that is cat experienced is a must, you know!  Nothing but THE BEST for Evelyn.

Still not sure?  Check out this video showing just what Evelyn is capable of learning, and please share share share.  Maybe Evelyn'v video could go viral!!  How cool would that be?? 

Most of all, though, Evelyn just wants a home and family who accepts her for who she is.  She's still a simple girl, after all. 

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