Thursday, November 29, 2012

Same Thing, Different Day

Tatiana: Bailey, what's your daily routine?

Bailey: First, wake Mom up. I often have to slap her in the face while she is sleeping. If that doesn't work, I will chew on her hair.

Tatiana: I just lay on top of her and lick her nose.

Bailey: Once Mom is FINALLY out of bed, I follow her into the bathroom so she doesn't get lost!

Tatiana: She doesn't get lost, Bailey. I go in too, because I must supervise her face washing regimen.

Bailey: Then, I get fed. Well, not right away. While Mom is preparing my meal, you smack me around, and then you get yelled at by Mom or Dad.

Tatiana: If you would just sit still by your bowl, I wouldn't smack you!!!

Bailey: Once breakfast is over, I follow Mom around to say thank you, and she pets me a lot saying what a good girl I am!

Tatiana: Blah blah blah, whatever.

Bailey: You are just jealous, Tatiana. Then, I usually have to go to the litterbox. And, by the way, could you please stop chasing me the second I am finished??? You know Mom and Dad are just going to yell at you.

Tatiana: I am a Torti. Enough said.

Bailey: Sometimes I will play in the kitchen, chasing toys and sliding. Wheee, it's a lot of fun. I try to get into the cupboards too, but Mom yells at me for that.

Tatiana: I get yelled at for doing that, too!

Bailey: When it's naptime, I find the purrfect spot and wait for the sun to come shining in. I love it!!

Tatiana: Under the bed for me, I like it dark. What's the rest of your day like, Bailey?

Bailey: ZZzzzzzzzz.......

Tatiana: We get yelled at a lot. Just sayin'.

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  1. FaRADaY: Mowzers, what are the odds?!? WE DO TOO!

    Maxwell: Dude. Speak for yourself. I don't get yelled at.

    Allie: Yes you do, you just can't hear it. Especially when you're banging on a cabinet door to open it in the middle of the night.